Beauty is an art form,

Hair is my canvas.

T part $25
         In a pinch retouch the hairline and part
Base $55  
          Root Touch Up  Please add “processing time” for online bookings.
Single  $70  

         Tint is applied from root to end. This includes demi and semi permanent color. 
Flavor shot $50+
         Up to 10 foils around the face and halo to spice up any color. $5 per foil over 10 foils.
Partial Highlight  $100
Full Highlight $150
 includes balayage and ombre techniques
         Balayage is the artistic alternative to foil highlights. Lightener is strategically painted onto the hair and lightened to the desired level. This creates          a more natural look with a softer grow out and can also be done to achieve a subtle Ombre effect.

Ombre is a graduation of color from lightest to darkest or vice versa.
Glaze  $15/$30 

          The final step in any highlight service to marry tones and create the ultimate red carpet ready color. May also be done in between highlight                       appointments (add $15) to revive tired color and help stretch out appointments. 
Decolorization  $50+

          Choose this service when you want to significantly lighten previously tinted hair. Add “allover color” to achieve your desired shade. If you’re                    feeling really bold, add a “flavor shot” to kick things up a notch!

Women   $65
Mens   $35
Tot   $15  

           A quick and painless way to even out those crazy baby hairs! Great for little ones who don’t need a full on haircut yet. 
Child  $25  

          No more baby hair but not yet adolescent hair. 
Young Adult  $30/$50

           For those kids that already have their adult hair. Price increases based on age and texture.  
Slim Down  $75 

           This is a specialized service. It is an intense amount of light texturizing resulting in super skinny hair with a seamless look, and ultra shine! 
Bang trims   $5  

* complimentary for regular clientele
Blow out  $35

Specialty Blowout   $50+
Updo  $85
Bridal Style  $120
Blow Out Lesson  $50  

             Bring your tools and I will show you how to use them!  

Makeup  $65  Full face makeup application

Tutorial  $30
Add False Lashes $15

Eyebrow Shaping $10
Lip Wax  $8
Lip/Eyebrow Wax  $15

Brazilian Keratin by Rejuvenol

Express Blow Out $50+
24 Hour Teatment $200
lasts 2-3 months 30-50% relaxing 
Boosted Treatment $250+
lasts 4-6 months  60-80% relaxing 

Molecular Reconstruction by Olaplex  $40
A revolutionary bond multiplier that heals the hair during processing reducing damage and frizz. Includes a take home treatment for weekly use.
Upgrade any color service +$25

*About Redos- Redos will only be considered within 2 weeks after the service based on a follow up phone call. All adjustments are complimentary. *EXCEPTIONS* If I have met your expectations and requests but you change your mind after you leave, a la carte pricing will apply.